Security Solutions - High Risk Segments

point Airports

The need for Airports to have security is to basically provide protection to passengers and flights and ground crew and to prevent mishaps like bomb explosion, fire and theft related issues.

point Security Needs (by area)





- Entry / Exit
- Baggage Screening Area
- Check in counter
- Runway - Waiting Rooms
- Perimeter
- Cargo Complex





- Airlines Office
- Enquiry
- Parking Area
- Waiting Rooms
- Departure Lounge
- Lounge



point Security Needs (by products)

point Metal Detectors (doorframe & Handheld)

point X-Ray Baggage

point CCTV Surveillance

point Sensors

point Intruder/ Burglar Alarm

point Access Control

point Fire Alarm

point Sprinkler System

point Thermal Detection

point Fire Detection

point Biometrics System

point Bomb / Explosive detector