Security Solutions - Medium Risk Segments

point Hotels

Hotels need to protect and safeguard the Guests and Customers from theft and Fire related incidents and need to keep a check on the maintenance of the Service levels.

point Security Needs (by area)





- Entry / Exit
- Kitchen
- VVIP Rooms
- Lobby
- Retail Outlet
- Hallway
- Cargo Complex





- Parking Lot
- Recreational Areas
- Laundry
- Back Office
- Server Room
- Conveyance Room
- Lounge



point Security Needs (by products)

point Metal Detectors (doorframe & Handheld)

point CCTV Surveillance

point Sensors

point Intruder/ Burglar Alarm

point Access Control

point Fire Alarm

point Smoke / Gas Detector

point Auto Gate

point Fire Detection