Security Solutions - Medium Risk Segments

point Oil And Gas Refineries

Oil and Gas Refineries need Electronic Security Systems to protect oil production units, storage, tanks, pipelines, water works, pumping stations, distribution system, electricity generating plants and bottling plants in the refinery

point Security Needs (by area)





- Entry / Exit
- Perimeter Protection
- Oil Production Unit
- Crude Oil Storage
- Electricity Generation Plant
- Bottling Plant
- Oil Storage Tank
- Pump Station
- Petroleum Depot





- Office Area
- Railways Slidings
- Parking Area



point Security Needs (by products)

point Metal Detectors (doorframe & Handheld)

point Time Log Machine

point Gas Detection

point Explosive Detector

point Temperature Detector

point CCTV

point Remote Video Surveillance

point Fire Alarm

point Fire Extinguishers

point Explosive Detector